Corrective Action Plan
In and effort to increase student success on state and district assessments.  The following corrective actions are in place:

1.  Added district RTI specialist, who is working with the primary k-3 staff, to provide early intervention and differentiated instruction in both ELA and mathematics.
2.  Provide extended day for a 3-6 Math Academy focusing on specific grade level CCSS.
3.  Added positive behavior intervention system PBIS with professional development focusing on improve student classroom behaviors, school safety and common behavior expectations creating a culture high rigorous learning.
The addition of the RTI specialist is providing our staff with job embedded professional development and strategies to identify area where student are challenged, providing additional interventions for teachers to apply.  RTI meeting occur once a monitor student progress and to make changes necessary.
Extending our school day allows our extra time to develop specific skills necessary to meet the Mathematic CCSS without any loss to instruction to the during the school day.
By implementing PBIS the expectation would be to suppress student classroom behaviors and distractions maximizing the amount of time dedicated to positive academic instruction