The school wide goal for Waller Road is to provide support for students in need of Reading and Math remediation. This goal is based on a number of data points that include previous year's MSP scores, Puyallup School District assessments, building-based assessments, DIBELS reading assessment, Star (Reading/Math) assessments, and Math Computation assessments.
Reading Goals for All, Low Income, Hispanic; Math: All, White, Low Income, Hispanic.
In addition to the Title I push in and pull out model, highly qualified classroom teachers will have daily Reading blocks of l.5 hours with an in-class intervention block of .5 hour. In K-2 primary grades we have implemented and additional 35 minute RTI program of Walk-to-Read which has allowed us to create instructional groups by ability levels as determined through classroom assessment,DIBELS scoring and teacher recommendation.

First instruction in Math is 1.0 hour with an additional .5 hour intervention. Every classroom teacher has small groups built into  first instruction and intervention time. Designated para educator are assigned  to classrooms  for this purpose.  In the 2014-15 school year we have also implemented an additional.5 hour for intermediate, 4-6 grade, Math  RTI intervention schedule creating instructional groups by ability  levels as determined by Rocket  Math  placement screening and  monthly classroom Math Computation assessment.